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TSK8000 Twist Strip for shielded twisted cable prep

The DMC Twist-Strip TSK8000 outer jacket removal tool for shielded twisted cable gives the user a system with maximum capabilities, while keeping the system portable, self-contained, affordable, and ergonomic. The precise blade adjustment, zero friction ball bearing design, articulating/locking arms, and changeable dies makes the TSK8000 very user-friendly and efficient when performing the difficult task of cable preparation.

DMC AF8 & AFM8 Tutorial

Bill demonstrates the proper use of DMC's AF8 and AFM8 Crimp Tools. These can be purchased online at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter under dmctools.

TSK8000 Twist Strip Tutorial

The TSK8000 has been designed to remove the jacket from Single Conductor and Multi-Conductor cable

DMC Safe-T-Cable(R) Tutorial

Bill demonstrates DMC's Safe-T-Cable Crimp Tools, SCT series and SCTR series. These can be purchased online at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter under dmctools.

HPT-200B Tutorial

The HPT-200 portable tester is an extension of the Alphatron Wire Crimp Pull Tester line of products, which include the PT-150H and MPT-250C. These testers perform pull-force measurements on wire terminations. The rugged construction and portable design of these test machines make any of them a superior choice for on-site or laboratory use.

The lightweight Alphatron HPT-200B is a self-contained tester that extends your testing capability to the shop floor. You no longer have to wait for process samples to arrive in the QA Lab. Durable construction and a convenient carry case ensure protection. The Low Stress tensioning mechanism makes the HPT-200B versatile and easy to use

HD51 (M5259/4-01) XHD51 (M5259/5-01) HDE51B Tutorial

HD51 (M5259/4-01) XHD51 (M5259/5-01) HDE51B Tutorial. 

This line of medium-duty hydraulic crimp tools provides 5.5 tons of crimp force for 8 - 2/0 AWG. All tools share the same dies.

Insertion Removal Tools

Bill demonstrates how to properly use insertion and removal tools with a circular connector

Connector Training Video

DMC has produced a training video which will give assembly personnel many illustrations of efficient tool use and visually establish an understanding of the delicate nature of electrical connectors, contacts, and other components. This material will also be of benefit to engineers, specifiers, production supervisors, and procurement personnel.

WA23 Tutorial

Qualified to AS22520/23*, DMC’s heavy pneumatic indent crimp tool functions with the push of a button for operator ease. This heavy duty crimp tool accommodates large size contacts 8 through 0000 (AWG) and operates on standard 90–125 psi (5.4–8.16 BAR) shop air sources. It is engineered with the operator’s safety in mind and features a full cycle control system.

This tool is portable and needs no extra booster for large size contacts. The standard die assembly and positioner are easily interchangeable with no special tool required. Custom dies and positioners may be designed to specific requirements.

Optional foot Pedal: WA10A Portable Hydraulic Equivalent: HD23

DMC HX23 Tutorial

Matt shows us the HX23. This tool can be purchased online at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter under dmctools.

Safe-T-Cable(R) Meets Blackhawk M3 .50 Calibur Machine Gun

Bill threads a CFD M3 .50 Calibur Machine Gun External Weapon Mounting System, for the Blackhawk Helicopter using DMC's Safe-T-Cable (R).

DMC - Wiring System Maintenance Kits

Matt guides us through the finer points and varied applications of our Wiring System Maintenance Kits. Find us on Facebook: facebook.comdmctools Follow us on Twitter: @dmctools

Safe-T-Cable(R) vs Lockwire - The time difference - Short Version

The shortened version of Safe-T-Cable(R) vs Lockwire.


Quick demonstration of the HXE4B and HXE4AB

HX4 Instructional Video

Bill shows us how to use the HX4 open frame crimp tool. 

GMT 232

Bill demonstrates the proper use of the GMT232 and how to gage the tool using the appropriate GO/NO-GO gage

DMC G125 GO NO-GO GAGE Tutorial

Bill demonstrates DMC's G125 Go No-Go Gage. This tool can be purchased online at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter under dmctools.

Safe-T-Cable(R) vs Lockwire - The time difference

Safe-T-Cable(R) - The time saving alternative to safety wire and Lockwire.